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Mission: Washington State Community and Technical College Parenting Education builds stronger and healthier families through adult and adult-child learning environments.


Setting up Families for Success

In order to ensure the best experience for children and families, OPEP relies on experts in the field of Early Childhood to help guide best practices for cooperative schools.  OPEP consults with NAEYC, DCYF, State and Local Health Departments, School Districts, and other early childhood experts to guide their decisions and recommendations.  Cooperative preschools are not formally regulated under any specific entity since they are a part-day, part-year program, they fall under the category of private preschool.

Early childhood programs involving both parents and children are more effective than programs focusing exclusively on children. Participation in the Parenting Education programs offers an opportunity for parents to become directly involved in the education of their children and to be involved in their own education as parents and caregivers. Children whose parents are involved in their education and learning are more successful in school. Washington’s community and technical colleges provide programs that allow parents to develop skills and abilities to help their children be successful in school and relationships.

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